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Yoga Bags - A Helpful Medium
Yoga Bags - A Helpful Medium
racticing yoga is very easy provided one does the yoga according to ones capabilities. It wouldn't be advisable for a 50-year-old person to attempt yoga for the first time and start doing poses which are done by 20-year-olds. So if you want to get yoga poses right then there are some things which will be handy for you such as mats, straps, physio balls, yoga foam blocks and many more. For all these things to be in one place there are different types of bags which can be helpful. These bags make your life easy and much more comfortable if you are juggling too many things.

Some of the different bags which are used in market
Nylon Zippered Yoga Mat Bag
These bags are very sturdy and are used for carrying yoga mats which are an integral part of practicing yoga.

Cotton Drawstring Yoga Mat Bags
This is made of 100% cotton with a strong strap to hold your yoga mats which have a drawstring closure.
Cotton Zippered Yoga Mat Bags
Made of 100% cotton, the difference between this bag and the drawstring bag is that it has zipper closure with two pockets.
The Journey Bag
With the hectic schedule everyone keeps traveling and many do not want to miss their practice of yoga which can be very easy to carry on while you are traveling.
The Cargo Bag
These bags are specially designed to carry the extra load which can be easily carry the load of your yoga accessories.
The H2Om Bag
To quench your thirst this bag has small pocket which can carry a bottle of your favorite drink or water, so that's the reason for the name of the bag.
There are many more bags in the market which are available and very easy to find.

How To Choose The Perfect Yoga Mat Bag For Easy Travel To And From Studio
A lot of us like a student classroom where you can gain further instruction and learn moves you haven’t seen before or maybe to try a new type of yoga discipline. This could easily mean trying that new yoga studio across town that your friends keep telling you about, or maybe a type of retreat in the outdoors. So, like anyway, sometimes it can be a lot of things to remember to grab and always missing that one essential makes all the difference.
Take for example your water bottle or if it’s hot yoga you won’t want to forget your towel. Perhaps, you want to try aerial yoga but you mustn’t forget straps! It can be a variety of things you need to remember when you’re on-the-go and it’s helpful to have an extra set of hands. That’s where the yoga mat bag comes into play.
Yoga mat bags are specifically designed to help carry all your workout needs including your mat. Depending on what you’re looking for they can accommodate several essentials or simply the mat itself. So, whatever your yoga needs are, there’s a bag to help support your journey.
This can be the tricky part as there are a lot of different types to consider. Think of what type of yoga you like, what your lifestyle is like, and what you would like to bring with you to a class. These are some important notes to make when narrowing down your choices.
Although most yoga mats are the standard size, it doesn’t mean all of them. This is a vital consideration as you may have a longer yoga mat than most and it could be difficult to roll up. In this case, it may be difficult to have a specific fabric size that wraps around a specific dimension as this won’t fit the needs of your mat. Triple check the size of your mat to save you extra time and money.
Just as we have different materials for yoga mats, there are also different materials for the bags that we carry them in. It may not seem like something to give much thought to, but that can lead to some issues. For instance, an eco-friendly mat may require a bag that allows for better ‘breathing’ as these sorts of mats may be prone to holding bacteria. Alternatively, Some other types of material may be easier to clean or provide a stronger defense in the accumulation of bacteria. Some of the popular yoga mat materials are cotton, polyester, canvas or neoprene.
When finding a yoga mat bag that works best for you it may be tempting to select the one that’s most eye-appealing. Yet, there’s a lot more to consider depending on your lifestyle and type of practice. It’s important to make sure you pick a yoga mat bag that is comfortable and that meets your needs.
For instance, if you plan on taking classes after work, it may be valuable to you to have extra room in your bag to keep all your belongings in one area. Perhaps, you simply want to carry in the mat itself inside the studio and just want a simple strap design. It all depends on an individual’s preferences and lifestyle as someone who is looking at the alternative would simply not be as satisfied with the latter.
Here are the different types of yoga mat bags:

Sling Strap: This is the simplest design out of the yoga mat bags as it is only two straps that wrap around the bag itself. You can carry the mat around this way but nothing else.
Sling Bag: This type of yoga mat bag includes the above function but is more of a sack that allows for you to slip in some belongings too. For example, you could slide your keys or a water bottle into this sort of bag and it will rest right next to your mat. It’s a simple, no-fuss kind of design.
Duffle or Tote: This bag is for someone who plans on carrying a lot more in their bag. For instance, if you are commuting to work and then to the gym, this may be a good option as this type of bag generally comes with some sleek designs and offers plenty of room.
Backpack: This is by far the most functional just because it is essentially a backpack. It can hold almost anything and securely straps the yoga mat beneath. It’s easy to use, incredibly handy and can handle almost anything. Perfect for outdoor yoga or if you’re running around and need something that can keep up with you.

Best Baseball Gloves: A Guide of What Models the Top Pros Use
Highlight-reel plays happen all over the diamond. Shortstops track down grounders in the hole, outfielders make diving catches and corner infielders snag hard-hit balls down the line.
While the defensive gems are applauded and replayed, the gloves themselves rarely get attention. Well, why would they? Gloves are inanimate objects controlled by players, after all.

But have you ever thought about the brand of baseball leather responsible for the defensive masterpieces?
Wonder no more. Between information on What Pros Wear, social media and photo database searches, we've tracked down some of the most popular gloves worn by top players in Major League Baseball.
While not limited to mitts, All-Star is a popular choice for catchers. The brand's chest protectors and leg guards are also regularly used.
Martin Maldonado won a Gold Glove in 2017 with the All-Star CM3000 on his left hand. He posted a .998 fielding percentage while throwing out 38.7 percent of would-be base stealers. All-Star advertises the CM3000 as exclusively using Japanese tanned steer hide.
Two-time All-Star Jonathan Lucroy has a similar mitt, and Gary Sanchez, Salvador Perez and Russell Martin have all previously used the brand.
Nike puts an emphasis on catcher's gear, likely because the players at the position spend the most time on camera during a game. Beyond shrewd marketing, though, Nike also has a handful of top players wearing gloves.
Boston Red Sox closer Craig Kimbrel, New York Mets ace Noah Syndergaard and San Francisco Giants starter Johnny Cueto all wear leather from the Sha/Do series. Los Angeles Angels second baseman Ian Kinsler has a similar glove.
Washington Nationals standout Stephen Strasburg and Yankees veteran CC Sabathia also rock Nike mitts. George Springer of the Houston Astros counts on the Vapor series to squeeze fly balls.
Prior to the 2018 season, Marcus Stroman rocked a can't-miss Blue Jays-colored glove by the brand.
Chris Sale has relied on Mizuno throughout his career, and the Boston Red Sox star has celebrated six All-Star appearances.
The most popular line is the Pro series, and Corey Kluber, Didi Gregorius, Andrelton Simmons and Tucker Barnhart all sport one. That's quite an impressive list.
Kluber has earned a pair of Cy Young Awards in his career, and Gregorius is a highly valued shortstop with the Yankees. Simmons is a three-time Gold Glover, and Barnhart earned his first such award during the 2017 season.
According to What Pros Wear, Ian Desmond—a versatile piece for the Colorado Rockies—relies on several Mizuno gloves, depending on the position he's asked to play.
Tips On Choosing Pet Carriers
The secret is out on Pet Carriers. They are really a convenient and easy way to travel with. When traveling with your small pet, what could be easier than with a smart, portable and stylish carrier for your dog or cat. Pet carriers contain your pet in a small confined and a safe place for transportation. It comes with a handle on the top for ease of carrying and loading.

The carrier allows your pet to feel safe and secure in their environment. This is a great choice for nervous and hyper pets. Many things can frighten your small dog or cat, such as new places, strangers, a crowd or even other pets. By confining their space and familiar surroundings, the carrier can help to calm your pet.
It may take an adjustment for them when you bring your carrier home for the first time. It will be new to them and they may balk at the first time you try to put them in their carrier. So letting them adjust slowly to this new space, will help them to become more familiar and less frightened. Adding their favorite blanket and toys helps them to adjust to their pet carrier also. Beginning with short trips at first allows your pet to adjust and relax in their carrier. Making for a peaceful and happy outing.
Pet Carriers come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. But choosing the right type carrier for your pet may take a little time and research to find just the right one. Looks and style are nice, but the right size, proper ventilation and comfort for your pet are some of the best things to look for when choosing your carrier. Start out by measuring your pet for height and width. You want to make sure they are able to stand up and turn around easily. Also, are they grown are do they still have some growing to do? Take in mind they may be in their pet carrier for extended periods of time. If you are traveling with them always remember to carry small tote-able break resistant pet bowls for their food and water, as your pet will become thirsty and hungry.
If you plan to fly with your pet you need to know the rules. Most carriers are airline approved, but before traveling on a plane with them you should always check with the airlines you will be flying with for all their rules and regulations on flying with your pet and their requirements on carriers. Some of the small carriers can fit right under the seat. Also, keep in mind you will have to carry your pet and carrier through security.
Pet Carriers do come in different styles and colors. So this enables you with many more choices when deciding on the best carrier for your pets needs. There is no better way to keep your pet safe and secure when traveling than with a pet carrier. And you will arrive at your destination with a happy and safe pet.
Measuring the impact of an equipment bag for on call physiotherapy staff
Purpose: Respiratory physiotherapy on call is provided across a variety of specialist areas at Leicester Royal Infirmary (LRI) and not all wards stock necessary respiratory equipment but can have deteriorating patients requiring on-call input. Not all staff work at the LRI site and or have completed a respiratory rotation there. Staff were reporting difficulty and increased time spent locating equipment which increased stress and anxiety levels both before and during on call shifts, and delaying patient care. The aim was to examine whether a on-call bag stocked with essential respiratory equipment was conducive to improving efficiency and reducing stress levels on and during on call shifts.

Methods: An equipment bag created at two sites (LRI and Glenfield) which are staffed by different rotas with the bags stocked identically in the event of cross site cover. The contents of the bag were decided by two senior physiotherapists, and guided by informal feedback from the adult and paediatric respiratory teams. It was launched in August 2019 at LRI site and it's use was encouraged to all staff on-call. Survey monkey questionnaire was sent out to all on call staff at LRI 3 months later to collect data and feedback regarding its use.
Results: 14 responses collected in total from LRI site. 8/14 had used the equipment bag and 8/14 reported it had all the equipment necessary for on call work. All 14 responses reported the bag was beneficial. 9/14 reported it had ’improved efficiency’ and 3/14 reported it ’reduced anxiety about being on call’. Those who had not used the bag stated this was due to ’not needed to’.
Conclusion(s): Everybody who responded to the survey felt the bag was beneficial. Based on the feedback, we can conclude that everybody who used the on call bag felt it had everything they needed for their on call treatment. It could be assumed that those who did not feel the need to use the on call bag were more familiar with the site. Majority felt it improved efficiency which was one of the primary aims. Only 3/14 felt it had reduced anxiety however. Only 14 responses were collected after a relatively short period of usage therefore future work could collect feedback from a larger sample size. It may be also beneficial to compare average time spent on call pre and post implementation.
Impact: Overall, implementation of an equipment bag was positively received by staff across LRI hospital site and it's use was continued after the initial 3 months as a result of this. It is relatively cheap to buy and easy to maintain. It could be implemented across other NHS trusts to improve efficiency on call and reduce stress levels, particularly amongst new band 5 physiotherapists - although more data would need to be collected to concretely prove this hypothesis.

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