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Why do you need a carton printing slotting die-cutting machine?
Why do you need a Carton Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine? I tell you, as we all know, printing houses, packaging factories, carton factories, digital stores are facing more and more carton proofing and short-run production, so how to finish carton proofing and short-run production in the shortest time, you don't have to worry, our carton printing slotting die cutting machine will help you.

No matter you are producing cartons, cardboard boxes, gift boxes, color boxes, PVC boxes and other packaging box production, carton printing slotting die cutting machine will help you to finish in the shortest time, because the Full Atuomatic Carton Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine is equipped with multi-functional head, which can realize full cutting, half cutting, slotting, creasing and complete the production of carton at one time, its cutting speed can reach 1200mm/s and repeat accuracy can reach 0.05mm. And a variety of cutting sizes are available for your choice.

If you make all kinds of box and printing products, you can choose a carton printing slotting die-cutting machine to help you.

The search for a new Carton Folder Gluer Machine can be very daunting. There are many folder-gluer OEMs out there and each has different models, features and sizes designed for a variety of applications. When a finisher or folding carton manufacturer is in the market for an upgraded or new folder-gluer, there are several questions to ask in order to find the best fit for the market they are involved in or attempting to enter.

Do you run paperboard or corrugated?
The paperboard market includes folding paper cartons – sometimes referred to as just folding cartons. The corrugated market produces folding boxes that often are referred to as cardboard boxes. The folding/gluing machines for these two distinctive markets may look similar, but the design and structure of the machines are quite different. There are folder-gluers that will produce products using both of these substrates, but on a limited basis. In other words, if you wish to produce corrugated C flute boxes, don’t expect the same folder-gluer machine to produce 12-point folding paper cartons – at least not efficiently.

The Box Stitching Machihne is one of the post processing equipment of the carton. The principle of the machine is the same as the principle of the common stapler, but the nail box machine is used as a pad for the carton. This series of products have the advantages of lightness, easy operation, good wear resistance, smooth sealing, safety and firm, and can reduce the strength of labor and improve work efficiency. It is widely used in the sealing of various cartons and calcium plastic boxes which need heavy articles or not easy to use sticky tape.

What Is Rotary Die Cutting?
The first question you're likely asking when deciding whether or not Rotary Die Cutting Machine is right for your project is what exactly it is. Many people haven't heard about the benefits that die cutting services provide, and that's okay! In this section, we're going to inform you about what exactly rotary die cutting is and how it can apply to your individual work.

A die, generally speaking, is a tool used to cut material into a given shape. It usually is made of metal and can cut through surfaces like paper, fabric, adhesive, and leather to give it the desired shape. This creates many cuts of cloth or plastic that are identical in size and shape to one another.
For example, if a shoemaker were trying to create a set of leather shoes that matched with one another exactly, he or she would use a die cut to cut the shape of the shoe out of a larger leather sheet. In fact, this is the way that die cutting started up as a common process back in the 1800s!
This process takes place when using a die cutting machine. These machines can be operated by hand, meaning that the operator pushes a lever and the machine cuts through the material. In the present day, though, it's more common that the machine will be automatic.

The section of a corrugator which forms the corrugated shape in the medium, applies adhesive to it and then bonds it to the flat linerboard. The output from a single-facer is referred to as Single Facer board. Most corrugators have more than one single-facer to enable different flute sizes to be used.

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