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President Biden continued to brag about gas prices falling by a small amount on Twitter Monday morning, to the mockery of users.

"For American families looking for a little more breathing room, these savings matter," Biden’s presidential account tweeted.

The tweet also included a graphic informing followers that "At current prices, the average driver will spend $35 less per month for one peson [sic]" or "$70 less per month for a family with two cars than they would if gas prices stayed at their peak."

Washington Examiner and Daily Signal contributor Nicole Russell tweeted, "But I thought you had nothing to do with gas prices?"

Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy wrote, "In other words, Americans are paying over $100 more a month per ‘peson’ to fill up their gas tanks than when Biden took office."

Washington Examiner reporter Andrew Kerr noted, "The figures in Biden's tweet this morning assume the average ‘peson’ is consuming 50 gallons of gas a month per vehicle. 2 cars = 100 gallons of gas = $70 in ‘savings’ a month for the average American family, according to Biden's methodology."

"Now do prices compared to a year ago, snake oil salesman," Lone Conservative founder Kassy Dillon tweeted.

Biden had previously suggested that rising gas prices and inflation rates were caused by a "Putin Price Hike" due to the war in Ukraine. Since prices have fallen after their peak in June while the war rages on, the administration has started taken credit for the average price for a gallon of gas falling below $5. However, most states continue to pay more than $4 a gallon for gas, with the average price as of Monday at $4.36. When Biden took office on January 20, 2021, the average cost was $2.39 a gallon.

Many users also called out the blatant typo in the graphic, using "peson" instead of "person" in an official government tweet.


"For one 'peson'? That's great. I hate paying too much for a peson! Peson inflation is a bane on the nation's economy!" Washington Times reporter Mike Glenn tweeted.

Townhall.com editor Rebecca Downs wrote, "Who spellchecked this…? What is a ‘peson?’"

"How many people were involved in planning, designing, editing and sending this poster? Minimum of five, probably a lot more. Yet it still went out with a glaring typo. Tells you a lot about how this White House is staffed and run," tweeted Hans Mahncke, co-host of "Truth Over News" on EpochTV.

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